Numerus Strictus Logicae 36

Please work alone without sharing or discussing these items with others.

I have spent thoughtful effort into embedding clues within each puzzle, aiming to make solving a step-by-step deductive process.

Therefore, you can trust that everything is solvable by keen observation and logical deduction alone.

Pen and paper may assist in reconstructing the answer, but a calculator will NOT be necessary.

Email your solutions to Upon submission, you can expect a score report within 24-48 hours, provided I am in good health and active.

Note: there is a fee of €30 per submission via PayPal, with a limit of 2 submissions per person.

Additionally, I require verification of identity through an identity card, passport, or driver's license. Sensitive information may be redacted, but your full name, country, date of birth, and photo must be visible.

Since I do not know what this test measures, there is no norm.

I'm Andrei Udriște, a 27-year-old from Romania.

Since I was a little kid, I've been drawn to puzzles of all kinds. Numbers in particular have always been my stronger suit.

In terms of other online tests, I've achieved notable scores such as 27/30 on SPEED, 28/39 on Test For Genius, 76/90 on Associative LIMIT, 20.5/30 on LSHR, and 21/30 on Numerus.

Currently developing Logica Rigor Numerorum, a related test.